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playing bridge to claim the truth solution report starting june eleventh on t.w. . plane . this is deja vu news live from bergland be on again off again affair that has the diplomatic world felt outraged after conciliatory words from pyongyang u.s. president donald trump says that his summit with north korean leader kim jong un could take place after all that is despite trying canceling it only yesterday we
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will have more from washington also coming up a court in new york charges harvey weinstein with grave and sexual assaults before releasing him on bail his lawyer says the former film producer will plead not guilty and the netherlands and australia say that they hold in russia legally responsible for shooting down slightly i mean seventeen over eastern ukraine almost four years ago moscow denies any responsibility for the attack which killed all two hundred and ninety eight people on board plus ireland her used to the polls before voting closes and a historic referendum a traditionally catholic country is voting on whether to end its strict ban on abortion analysts are expecting a close result of. the landlady. playing. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. u.s.
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president donald trump has hinted that talks with north korean leader kim jong un could still go ahead next month as planned that despite trump calling off the summit only yesterday it is the latest curveball from the president who has invested much personal currency in setting up what would be a stork meeting a day after walking away from plans to meet with the north korean leader donald trump was sending a very different message. we're going to see what happens we're talking to them now . there was a very nice statement that put out we'll see what happens today very much want to do it we'd like to do it we're going to see what happens. everybody plays you know that you know that. while trump plays hard to get kim jong un appears to be staying cool the north korean state news agency issued a conciliatory statement saying kim was willing to give the u.s.
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time to reconsider its decision. but the prospect of cancellation has touched off protests in asia and the south korean students see trump's flip flopping as a danger to world peace or the soul is hoping to keep negotiations on track for me and i mean you're going to i think all parties hope the problem can still be resolved through dialogue with the south korean government remains committed to continuing talks and of course in the meanwhile the japanese leader threw his support behind trump the big chill of. this cancellation is regrettable but i support the u.s. president with such a summit would have to bring clear progress on pyongyang's nuclear missile issue he said along that the world is now waiting for the next sign from trump to see if he's really walking away from the summit. and for more let's bring in claire richardson who is standing by with the latest from washington so clear we have hear
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more back and forth on whether or not this summit could actually go ahead do we know why president trump appears to be changing his mind again. well his supporters would say this is all part of a grand strategy that it's a tough negotiating tactic that's aimed at actually extracting more concessions of from north korea and those supporters gave him a lot of credit for walking away from this summit because there does seem to be a huge gap between expectations from the united states and north korea although we have a date and a play date and a place in singapore on june twelfth a lot of the details of the meeting were still up in the air there was no clear agenda and so they say that it's important that donald trump stepped away from this sort of united states did not go to the negotiating table and come back with an embarrassment now his critics would say that's all nonsense and in fact trump was just so desperate for a political win at home to be seen as the man who had brought kim jong un to the negotiating table that he was willing to risk war and certainly alienating american
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allies on the peninsula just because he was so wildly unprepared for this meeting that he needed to cancel and so no clear this has been left to the diplomats because we know that they are often left to deal with the details do we know what sort of wrangling might be going on in the background. well the state department has said that top american and south korean diplomats have spoken by phone and that they're committed to finding a way to go ahead with the talks with pyongyang we also heard earlier today that defense secretary james mattis said there could be some good news in terms of the june twelfth talks going ahead he said that diplomats are in talks and that if they can pull it off we could potentially even still see this originally scheduled summit take place but both trump and north korea have left the door open in some senses to rescheduling some sort of meeting it's just not clear whether it is actually going to end up being in singapore as planned whether it's going to be an
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entirely new set of talks or whether this really has all fallen apart and given that claire remind us how did we get here what led up to trump's move to call off the summit. it is an interesting turn because just earlier this week we were seeing a much seemingly warmer ties between trump and kim jong un an unprecedented relationship really between a north korean leader and united states president and this meeting would have been historic as the first time that the u.s. president sitting u.s. president sat down with the north korean leader now what seems to have turned it was over the weekend we saw u.s. vice president mike pence make some comments saying that if north korea was unwilling to give give up its nuclear program it could face something like the libya model and there he was referring to what happened to get off the if you remember under the george w. bush administration agreed to give up libya's nuclear program and then we saw later
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during the arab spring uprising that he was brutally murdered by his own people so people like kim jong un and regimes out with nuclear powers with nuclear weapons are looking at this example as a really troubling example of what happens if you give away your nukes and that was unacceptable for north korea they called my pence's comments ignorant and said that that was the final straw that this kind of hostile rhetoric is what made the talks fall apart ok so that is what has happened and it's really anyone's guess as to what happens next clear richardson with the latest developments from washington thank you. well now to some other news because the former hollywood film producer harvey weinstein has been arrested and charged with rape and other sex crimes that's after he turned himself into authorities in new york in manhattan court has now released weinstein after he posted bail of one million dollars he also has to wear a monitoring device while the criminal case against him proceeds more than seventy women have accused weinstein of sexual misconduct. arriving at
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a court in new york hollywood's most famous power player turned. here to face the first criminal charges to be brought against him think huge great and other sex crimes involving two separate women crimes new york prosecutors described as an abuse of position money and power the charge here there is no offer to that in the original oh or was that all that the you know this is that it is the money and power who are already here were able to file that. outside the courthouse weinstein's lawyer said he'd be exonerated the former producer has always denied having known consensual sex with any of his accuses. mr weinstein who will enter a plea of not guilty we intend to move very quickly to dismiss these charges
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we believe that they are constitutionally flawed we believe that they are not factually supported by the evidence and we believe that at the end of the process mr weinstein that will be exonerated. was ever the outcome of the charges capita matic fall from grace for one of hollywood's most influential business men. in the wake of dozens of accusations of sexual misconduct weinstein's wife has left him he's been sacked by his own production company and ejected from the academy that once on it him with oscars. weinstein's court appearance here in new york may not be his last investigation by the city is ongoing and separate criminal probe so underway in london and los angeles. and let's get more now from new york where journalist emily saul is standing by and
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emily you were actually in the courtroom today as weinstein was being charged what was the atmosphere there like. it it was it was mary tense it was very strong. and the courtroom itself was media from a cross that were there. he was brought in through the back door sure he's been walk in behind us or not i see what appeared is bray barely stand supportive of essentially on the arms of the female detectives on the three other sectors that are it was just looked like he couldn't believe he was there and he a lot of us in trouble believing that he was in fact there it was it was truly remarkable a quite a dramatic fall from grace that you're illustrating there so what comes next for him well he's that he's back in court on july thirty yes he's been released on
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one million dollars bond excuse me. in court you know a million dollar check which your while he was waiting in the courtroom will have to return to this part house where you know every day new yorkers. are in their corner incense and we know a grand jury is going to and they're continuing to interview people his attorney ben brafman said earlier today that he will decide by next wednesday whether or not weinstein himself would address the grand jury. it's it's it's really up in the air you know they could dispose of the answer a quickly or. something much. worse and of course there are a lot of people who have been waiting for this day a lot of his accusers we know that there are dozens of them word of the charges against weinstein leave not only him but also more broadly speaking to me to movements because you know when his accusers came out this really lit a fire under this movement globally speaking. no absolutely i think it's
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a very powerful image for not only his accusers and accusers of other high profile men but just you know survivors of sex assault everywhere to see someone so powerful and central plank position in and out i mean just just last month. but i think a lot of people especially after this or any investigation into and seen in two thousand and sixteen after he was not charged there is one of last hope but this is only the beginning in how the people see that this thing happened then happened to anyone and i mean the d.a.'s office was very clear and multiple times and not only says that you know they're urging anyone and everyone to jump up and you know something that i believe we know that you're very familiar with cases like this we know that you actually cover the bill cosby case for example as well so we just like to ask you you know given that this has been
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a months long investigation given that there are two separate cases now against weinstein does that say anything to you about perhaps the strength of the district attorney's cases against him. yes and no i think the timing is a little interesting because the news that he was the premier ame a day after the southern district of. this is up. in the heartland. but you know they have been working for months and months and this is one of the boss teams in the walls and you know they would not run fundraisers especially after games in one fifteen if they felt like they did not have to print style so now only only times i really saw with the latest from new york thank you so much. well now the netherlands and
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australia say that they are holding russia legally responsible for shooting down malaysia airlines flight m.h. seventeen nearly four years ago the announcement comes a day after investigators said that they had unequivocal evidence that the missile that brought down the plane over eastern ukraine came from a military unit based in russia all two hundred ninety eight people on board were killed in the attack moscow has blocked efforts by the united nations to investigate and denies any involvement. now it's official the netherlands says russia is responsible for the shooting down of malaysian airlines flight m h seventeen four years ago the docs government wants to bring the perpetrators to justice. we have made many inquiries russia has not come through with vital information and that's why we're taking this big step today russia should acknowledge its responsibility and cooperate with us in getting the truth and for later made the art very extreme in the passenger plane was shot down with
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a bottom esol in the disputed area of eastern ukraine in july twenty fourth jane after years of investigation experts have concluded that the missile with the property of the russian army officials from the e.u. and nato as well as the governments of the u.s. and germany back in the netherlands claim. russia should tissue more sponsibility for this so the tragedy can be fully explained and the guilty parties can be held accountable. and. it was a national tragedy for the netherlands nearly two thirds of the victims were dutch for germans were also among the dead. it's a night. we stand with the victims' loved ones especially on a day like this ones the kremlin rejects all accusations and demands more evidence of russia's guilt for the shooting down a flight m h seventeen and the death of so many innocent people.
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well now let's get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world more than one hundred palestinians have been injured by israeli gunfire and tear gas during clashes at the gaza border medics say that at least ten protesters were hit by live rounds israel's military says it responded after palestinians tried to damage the border fats and through an explosive device in. brazil the president has ordered security forces to clear. roads blocked by truckers protesting high fuel prices their five day strike has virtually paralyzed the country earlier the city of south paulo declared a state of emergency suspending non-essential services to conserve fuel. and spanish prime minister money out of the hole he has criticised a parliamentary motion of no confidence against his leadership is said that the move is bad for spain and only creates insecurity the country's largest opposition party filed the motion a day after former officials of the whores conservative party were found guilty of
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accepting bribes in exchange for lucrative public contracts. well daniel and her hair is now with some alphabet soup i think in the hall over talk about g.d.p. or yeah that's right you might have been ask yourself why you've got all of these privacy policy emails flooding into your inbox all of a sudden well they call it g.d.p. all of the general data protection regulation put simply a new set of rules on data now the likes of facebook google or amazon have to tell us what postal danger of ours they hold what they do with it and we can even have it corrected or deleted they could face millions in fines if they don't but what about the small for butchers bakers and book shops but they are also required to follow the new regulation but without the same resources of multi-billion dollar empire and the hefty tome of g.d.p. rule book is hard to understand. a staff of paper. of the
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new e.u. data rules have chamber of class president stumped because it's from the heart of course it's heavy stuff and e.u. commissioner very euro vote tells us to keep cool the flood of information is more confusing than helpful the law wasn't really aimed at trades people. for brussels to create here that applies equally to social media giants as it does to small workshops and it's two hundred fifty six pages thick that's one page for every working day of the year it takes you all your time just to work out what they're after our members are completely overwhelmed. because if. the law was passed some time ago and in theory trades people have had two years to work out if they needed data protection monitor but there are special cases such as the chamber's president himself he's a professional chimneysweep with only four employees he thought he'd be exempt from
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the new regulations but as an official district chimneysweep he's classed as a kind of local authority. they told us the data protection laws apply to us in two ways to me as a tradesman and to me as i'm in a support but i am only a one man authority he knows he has to protect his company's data but should he come under the same rules as giants like facebook. that's completely wrong to say someone with only four employees who does very little data processing needs a data protection manager that's simply not true. the responsible ministry acknowledges that the rules will need fine tuning. but for now the search is on for a data protection manager. from france and i think the deadline is may twenty fifth and if i can't find a man maybe i'll just appoint my wife but what if that much use in terms of data protection is another story altogether. so it's
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a law which is tough on the big guys but could the regulation unfairly trample on smaller companies in brussels our correspondent matters caught up with vera europa and she's the e.u. use commissioner for justice and consumers are we making it too tough for smaller companies for the business environment in europe. i think that the g.d.p. are as one important feature it has to be applied in a proportionate to a proportionate to the level of risk and i spoke about it before if the company does not have the processing of data as a core business if they do not sell the data if they do not make money on the privacy of people they should to cause some some minimum kind of measures up if the companies are monetize the data of people they shoot to kill if something
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back to the people and it's better protection so proportionate application of g.d.p. is necessary and also i would add common sense because i heard a lot of incredible stories about how g.d.p. will be a blight it's not necessary to go by making. feared chrysler is recalling over five million cars in north america after discovering a defect which prevents drivers from switching off cruise control the company is telling drivers not to activate the feature or to take cost receive a software update there's been no reported deaths or injuries over the fault which was discovered during routine computer testing. and then squatters on wall street for us yes it's one of america's largest ever recalls and the stock of fear chrysler's taking a beating over there well into the whole recall certainly shows the challenges of the modern car industry often
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a different models use the same software and same components in this case we've seen more than fifteen different models some using or having those issues so what i tried to say was that is back then a problem that we're seeing in one model it wouldn't have caused such a huge recall if we've seen it in this case with chrysler either way we do not have a price tag yet or what this recall might cost fear of chrysler and therefore we did not see a mess of sell off in their share but the stock price rise i was down two percent here on the friday session and oil is also heading south today what's behind the latest swing lower. that was quite a move that we saw here shortly before the weekend prices down by more than four per cent for the recall prices are down by a good five percent at the beginning of the requires a west texas intermediate resort to buy at the around seventy two dollars
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a barrel now we're down to a good six the seven there are rumors that saudi arabia opec and to russia actually might do decides to increase production next the months still rumors but it had quite an effect and so oil went down and was that also the stocks of the big oil companies and that was also the reason why wall street overall traded at a bit lower here in the friday's session for the week wall street is still up investors slipping on that oil slick call to have a great weekend thank you now it's back up to sarah and a pivotal vote absolutely and fact at this hour the last votes are being cast in this historic referendum in the country with polls set to close in less than an hour people there are deciding whether the country should loosen its near total ban on abortion as it currently has some of the most restrictive laws in europe ira citizens living abroad aren't allowed to vote via post or in embassies so many have
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been flocking home to cast their ballot. final preparations for an important trip home. meghan wool is an irish emigrant in london she's one of the times since travelling back to our land to cast her ballot in today's abortion referendum. meghan is in favor of repealing the restrictive abortion laws. i think that every woman should have autonomy over her own body and no woman should feel the need to travel to access a basic human right meghan is one of many who wait in long queues of garlands airports. images and videos posted with the hash tag home to vote have flooded social media some of those arriving home received a warm welcome like here dublin airport. polls opened at seven am local time and close
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a ten pm tonight more than three point two million people are registered to vote in the referendum it's the sixth time the country is voting on the issue if the public votes yes the irish government has said they would legislate by the end of the year to allow for abortion up to twelve weeks with medical consent currently abortion is only allowed when a woman's life is at risk but not in cases of rape incest or fetal abnormalities the issue has divided our country. yeah i'm going to vote no today no i have to base it for a price so high low for us and it's a hard decision for us which was fatal i just don't have the right to take life i think life is sacred stands for that respect so i'm hoping that a yes posture say i think it's very. divisive issue but i think it's the right thing for the women of our land care compassion dignity and safety equal health care. and the results of an exit poll on the abortion referendum will be announced
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late on friday. a quick reminder now the top story that we have been following for you here at t w u.s. president donald trump has hinted that talks with north korea could still go ahead next month as planned that is after conciliatory words from pyongyang followed trumps decision yesterday to cancel the highly anticipated meeting and a new york court has charged former film producer harvey weinstein with of rape and sexual assault those charges coming after dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct against him weinstein has been really. east on bail and is expected to plead not guilty to those offenses. and don't forget in the meantime you can always get d. w. news on the go just download our after global player from the op a story it will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use that each of you
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after send us photos and videos that you feel are news appropriate. i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching have a great day. some
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claim. that's normal to work tucky social worker. she's bored teenage pregnancy out of the shadows and into the spotlight and shrink in a public debate on the child. now she's looking for supporters
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to help her improve child protection in turkey. in a sixty minutes come to. the fast pace of life in the digital mob shift as the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information on the way to use fines and interviews with the makers and users of shifts in forty five minutes on. the ways at full speed. always shining. up but always on the move. mobility today and in the future. drive it on t.v. w. odder and higher come
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further and further going to turn your and dirtier. the high gloss world of professional sports behind the scenes of bitter truth manipulation exploitation corruption the mafia style. the business worth billions but just how murky is the world of sports in reality. dirty games starting june sixth on t w. the man whose behavior was so offensive that it sparked a global movement is finally facing the music harvey weinstein has been charged with rape and sex abuse by a new york court victims ask why did it take so long i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. you're.
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at twenty one i was raped by.


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